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Zack Snyder Has No Plan To Continue His DCEU After Snyder Cut | Malayalam || Comics guide

Zack Snyder says he has no plans to continue his original DCEU story going forward. At the start of the DCEU, Snyder was one of the primary architects of the franchise. He directed the first two installments, Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and he had even greater plans beyond that. In fact, it’s been said that Snyder had a five-movie plan for the DCEU. Unfortunately, a family tragedy forced Snyder to leave Justice League in the middle of production, and following the tepid response to reshoots director Joss Whedon’s changes, the DCEU began to move in a new direction.
The DCEU’s new strategy – which puts less of a focus on connected storytelling – has left Snyder’s plans behind. Thanks to fan passion, his original cut of Justice League will be released on HBO Max two months from now, thus giving the director some closure. However, the release of the fondly named “Snyder Cut” has led fans to believe Snyder’s original five-plan vision could be restored. Recently, they campaigned on social media for Warner Bros. to greenlight the rest of Snyder’s planned DC projects.

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