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Create 3D Avatar Of Yourself With Virtual Reality #VR

Create 3D Avatar Of Yourself With The Help Of VR

Create 3D Avatar Of Yourself using a 3D scanning pod to that turns you into a virtual avatar. Watch the video of the implications of what this could mean. A 100% accurate virtual YOU immediately thrown into Fifa 17 or World of Warcraft or Call of Duty!

The guys at Wolfprint 3D want to reduce the cost of 3D scanning people. You can bring your avatar into “social virtual reality”. There are not so many Create a 3D Avatar Of Yourself pods at the moment.

Wolfprint plan to release an API so users can port their avatars into popular apps in games. So, if Electronic Arts implement the API into Battlefield 1, then you would scan yourself into a pod and load your avatar into the game. How cool will that be??

Clearly some games will benefit from this sort of technology more than others. Wolfprint’s goal is to bring humanity into VR. They believe social VR will be an important part of how we communicate online in the future. To make social interactions seamless and authentic, every person needs a realistic avatar to represent themselves in VR.

Check out Wolfprint on ProductHunt where there are also links to their crowdfunding and developer tools.