Best Free To Play Games Of 2019

As only being in mid-2019, there has been some record breaking free-to-play games that released this year and last that have made the video game scene take a different direction, especially when focusing on different genres of games that developers can take a shot at. So, why not narrow down the best free-to-play games of this year – although one of the highest populated Battle Royale game released back in 2017 – Fortnite: Battle Royale is still going strong and with the developers still updating the game regularly, because keeping the game updated at all times helps concurrent players stay playing the game.

Free To Play Games

With Titanfall becoming a huge hit and giving players a new type of movement with being able to wall-run and to climb inside what Respawn call a “Titan”. As he players of that game enjoyed what that kind of genre brought them – Respawn was in the works while releasing Titanfall 2 on a Battle Royale style game. The map for their upcoming game Apex Legends was leaked online and it sparked an interest but not many people believed that there was talks in a Titanfall Battle Royale spin-off. After a year of the leak the game was set to release and the first week upon its release the game hit a staggering 25 million players for its smooth movement and gunplay – the game felt polished and well developed and of course it being free-to-play.


Not only has there been free-to-play first person shooters released this year but also World of Tanks – the game gives you the ability to control your own tank – sounds fun, right? It is. The game focuses on you eliminating all the enemy tanks to secure a win and level up your rank and tank. Not only has there been tanks, but also planes – the game War Thunder is set in World War 2 which simulates the aerial battle of those times and with a choice of playing inside a tank. You and your allies must destroy the enemy teams’ planes in a 16 Vs. 16 battle on a massive map developed for dogfights. The other mode being an objective-based missions with also on-ground targets to take down while your team secure the objectives.


Not only has there been on-ground or air warfare games – World of Warships, this game being completely ocean-based combat – a lot like World of Tank but with naval ships. The game gives you options on the game-mode you want to play – one being Player Vs. Environment or Player Vs. Player, the choice is yours. World of Warships is recommended for the type of players that love great ship combat and using naval ships from the 20th century.


In 2019, there are more and more genres of games that are released year by year. There’re games for any type of person and their interests. The future of gaming still is at its beginning – there is still years to come of many amazing games and new genres.


Happy free-to-play gaming!

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