Why Spider-Man Can't Beat Carnage Alone

Venom Might Need More than Spider-man to Defeat Carnage

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Obsessive relationships can be a drag. Especially when the obsessive party is a symbiotic murder alien. That’s exactly what happened when, during Secret Wars Peter Parker got a thread upgrade in the form of an exiled Klyntarian symbiote. Eventually he shed the symbiote only for it to bond with Eddie Brock and become Venom, Spider-man’s deadliest foe. That is until Venom had an offspring that bonded with serial killer Cletus Kasady and become the remorseless Carnage. Spider-man has a hard enough time with Venom, but Carnage is stronger, more powerful, and more relentless. To defeat Carnage Venom and Spider-man had to team up. But even that wasn’t enough. They have in turn enlisted the help of heroes ranging from Mister Fantastic and Tony Stark to Spider-friends like Cloak & Dagger, Firestorm, Morbius, and Captain America. With Carnage set to make his big screen debut in the second Venom movie featuring Tom Hardy the question of whether or not Spider-man will appear in his arch rivals movie hangs in the air. But will that be enough? In the comics Carnage has needed a small army to take him down, how might that shape up for the cinematic Carnage? There are several reasons why Carnage is such a handful for the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man. Carnage is not only more powerful, he’s not hindered by Peter Parker or Eddie Brock’s morality. Instead the Venom offspring symbiote found someone who likes killing even more than he does. Let’s look at how hard it’s been for Spider-man to deal with Carnage in the comics and how that might play out on the big screen.


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