How Can Augmented Reality Change The Gaming Experience ?

How Can Augmented Reality Change The Gaming Experience ?

How Can Augmented Reality Change The Gaming Experience ?
How Can Augmented Reality Change The Gaming Experience ?

Augmented Reality – The fact that the online gaming industry, in general, is growing at a crazy fast speed and keeping up with the continuously evolving technology innovations is no longer news to anyone. However, if you have already tasted the sweet Virtual Reality gaming experience, you also know what these new technologies actually mean for a passionate gamer. We are all looking for the most realistic gaming experiences possible.

While we get to make the most of our remote gameplay, not all players are completely satisfied with what the online version has to offer. This is especially true when we talk about casinos where the experience is very different between online and offline. Gamers of today are used to advanced in-game challenges and expect realistic games that will give them the experience of actually living the game. This is where virtual reality and augmented reality gambling come into the picture. Just imagine holding your dry martini in your hand as you sit down at the Baccarat table “with” other players – without ever leaving your own living room! The virtual reality becomes touchable with new techniques and will give us a totally realistic experience, so real we can smell it!

What Can Augmented Reality Add?

Augmented Reality combines virtual reality elements with the real-life surroundings of players and it generates a lifelike virtual casino. Gamblers will get to see the poker table, chairs, the dealer, deck of cards, pot and the rest of the players sitting at the same table in real-time and as realistically as possible and even get to join a real casino poker table inside a Vegas casino while tucked in, wearing their pajamas, having a hot cocoa, or while on the subway, commuting home from work. It’s crazy how this technology could actually bring live croupiers and dealers to your home, along with the rest of the casino staff. It’s definitely something to look forward to – but the main question is how soon?

A New Gaming Generation – New Challenges

The high demand for augmented reality and gamification elements in casino games is coming from the realization that we have a generation of “gamers”. Gaming software developers have always pushed for new techniques and effects. They have constantly been designing new themes and adding more special effects and interactive functions to create games with more engaging options to keep us coming back for more achievements. They also use graphics and music from popular musicians and tv series like Game of Thrones to keep us happy. So what has changed? Well, if casino games ones where “easy” games to develop, this is no longer the case.

Players of casino games today are not “old ladies” enjoying some slots from home when they no longer can visit their local pub. The gamers of today and tomorrow is a generation of people that grew up in a digital world with games like Fortnite, League of Legends and Overwatch. Game developers face the challenge of developing a virtual casino experience that will meet the expectations of this new generation of gamers. “Gamification” of these games is already on it’s way and the demand for finding a solution to use augmented reality is higher than ever. Virtual casinos are looking for modern technology to create a digital world where players will be able to experience gambling in a way similar to playing inside a land casino, with highly realistic action every step of the way.

What Is Stopping Casinos From Using AR Right Now?

Augmented reality software and hardware are expensive to manufacture and sell at a large scale. Players would need to be able to afford buying the special headsets with VR glasses and use it in order to make the most of their AR gaming experience. The costs of manufacturing AR hardware are not yet financially viable and acceptable and they need to be considerably dropped before the technology can hit the shelves. This could happen, realistically speaking, in a few years. It is true that several casino operators have already started to work together with software developers focused on the AR technology and they have created samples of what AR casinos and AR games could look like. However, these still need improvement and lots of changes until they can be safely used by players and casino operators alike.

So, to summarize, this innovative technology works by superimposing virtual images on real-world items. The downside however is that the gaming industry is not yet fully prepared for the AR revolution and the ground-breaking changes this would bring to the world of gaming as we know it now. But it’s just a matter of time!

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