Zombie Army Trilogy – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Travel to 1945 and slay on-the-go as you face off against the massive hordes that comprise Hitler’s Nazi zombie army. Use sniper rifles, machine guns, and shotguns to rip through the waves of undead, and take on the demon dictator himself in an incredible final battle!

Available now: https://nintendo.com/games/detail/zombie-army-trilogy-switch/

Zombie Army Trilogy comes with everything previously released on consoles. Survive 3 intense story campaigns and take on Horde Mode, all available either in single player or in drop-in, drop-out co-op for up to 4 players.

On Nintendo Switch, Zombie Army Trilogy offers brand new features:
• Local wireless co-op
• Motion controls
• Pro Controller and HD Rumble support
• Supports new friend invite system

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