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English Short Film – the iceman – Ft. Omi Vaidya

English Short Film – the iceman – Ft. Omi Vaidya

English Short Film – the iceman – Ft. Omi Vaidya

English Short Film - the iceman - Ft. Omi Vaidya - Watch Now !!
English Short Film – the iceman

The IceMan is a short film about an unconventional encounter between an Indian man and a white woman at a convenience store somewhere in the suburbs of America.

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Any motion picture that does not meet the requirements to be considered a feature film due to its shorter running duration is referred to as a short film. A short film is “an original motion picture that has a running time of less than 40 minutes, including all credits,” according to the definition provided by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS).  From the 1920s until the 1970s, in the United States, the phrase “short subject” was commonly used to refer to films that were two 35mm reels or less in length, while the term “featurettes” was used to refer to films that were three or four reels in length. Either one of these terms could be abbreviated as “short.”

The term “short subject,” which is becoming less common in the film business, brings with it the expectation that the film is screened as part of a presentation alongside a feature film. Independent filmmakers with a little budget or no budget at all produce the majority of the short films that are shown at regional, national, and even international film festivals. Short films are typically made available for public screening. Typically, they are supported by personal cash, film grants, organisations that support charitable causes, or sponsors. In general, filmmakers use short films to gain experience in the industry and as a platform to display their skill in the hopes of securing financial backing for future projects from private investors, production companies, or film studios. They may also be distributed alongside feature films or featured as supplementary features on certain home video releases. Additionally, they may be distributed alongside feature films.

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Cast & Crew:

Director: Heerak Shah
producer: Priyanka Shah
Cinematographer/DOP: Hemant Tavathia
Sound: Vijay Narisetty
Editor: Heerak Shah
Locations Manager: Sarwar Quddus
Story: Omi Vaidya
Story: Heerak Shah
Story: Priyanka Shah
Story: Hemant Tavathia
Casting: Rakesh Shah

Customer: Omi Vaidya
Customer: Heather Cole

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