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First Look: Grant Morrison’s The Green Lantern Returns

Having successfully completed his mission and survived his dangerous detour into the alternate reality of the Blackstars, Hal Jordan is back—and so are writer Grant Morrison and artist Liam Sharp—for a second “season” of the surreal, smart sci-fi adventure, The Green Lantern. If you’ve read the first twelve issues of the series, you know to expect the unexpected when it comes to Morrison’s take on the heroic Green Lantern Corps, and true to form, The Green Lantern Season Two #1 starts with quite a twist—the Guardians of the Universe are leaving Oa, seemingly for good.

So much for this particular reunion. But where are the Guardians going? Why are they going? And what does it mean for Hal and the Corps? Why, another adventure, of course! This time to find the Guardians’ replacements. Change is a good thing, right? Clearly nothing will go wrong with replacing the immortal peacekeepers and creators of the Green Lantern Corps with young, new upstarts!

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, let’s just enjoy Hal’s triumphant return in this exclusive sneak peek at this highly anticipated new comic.



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The Green Lantern Season Two #1 by Grant Morrison, Liam Sharp and Steve Oliff is in stores Wednesday, February 12.

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