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Goku's Evolution: Biggest Changes From Episode 1 Of Dragon Ball To Now

The Biggest Ways Goku Has Changed Over Time
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The Dragon Ball franchise has been around for what feels like forever and it shows no signs of slowing down. In a hundred years, we’re pretty sure we’ll still get new episodes! Over the many years it’s been on the air, we’ve gotten to see our lead character Goku undergo major character development ever since we first met the young Saiyan living alone in the forest. It’s truly crazy to watch the first episode of Dragon Ball and see how different Goku was compared to what the hero has become now that he’s an adult in other series like Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super.

Not only has he changed by embracing his Saiyan Side more, as evidenced in the recent Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, but he’s also much stronger and has developed an insane set of new powers that make his Great Ape transformation look incredibly weak. On top of that, the way he interacts and talks with people has changed drastically. Goku is no longer the socially awkward idiot who likes to walk around naked. Now he’s just a normal idiot!

Today’s video is all about Goku’s transformation over time. We’ll be talking about the biggest changes in Goku’s life from the first episode to where we are now. So go ahead and check out the video and let us know in the comments afterwards how you think Goku has changed over time. And don’t forget to hit that subscribe button, or else we’ll make Goku use a Spirit Bomb! Let’s get into it right now.


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