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Green Arrow Earth 3 – Short Film

Green Arrow Earth 3 – Short Film

Green Arrow Earth 3 – Short Film

Green Arrow Earth 3 - Short Film
Green Arrow Earth 3 – Short Film

The following was a super low-budget video done for a webseries concept that we shot and edited back in 2011. The concept was put aside after hearing about the CW’s Arrow announcement. We have trash timing.

We were excited about re-exploring a DC comics “Elseworld” through the eyes of a more grounded character, Green Arrow, but not at the risk of imposing on the creativity and hard work of the Arrow series creators. We’ve delayed putting it online until now to avoid any potential conflict or confusion with the development of Arrow.

Green Arrow is a popular superhero character from DC Comics who has captured the hearts of comic book fans around the world. First appearing in 1941, Green Arrow was created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp. Known for his sharp archery skills and quick wit, Green Arrow is one of the most iconic characters in comics.

Green Arrow’s alter ego, Oliver Queen, is a billionaire playboy who uses his wealth to fight crime in Star City. As Green Arrow, he fights for justice and stands up against corruption with his arsenal of arrows and gadgets. He also has a strong sense of morality that often puts him at odds with other heroes in the DC universe.

Over the years, Green Arrow has become a staple in pop culture thanks to various adaptations including television shows such as “Arrow” on The CW network.

We hope our comic book and action fans enjoy!

Green Arrow Earth 3 – Short Film

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