Halo Master Chief Bluetooth Speaker

Halo Master Chief Bluetooth Speaker

AC Worldwide, a company known for creating outstanding, awesome bluetooth speakers – have you seen the C3PO and StormTrooper heads [so awesome!?] – has teamed up with 343 Businesses to create a line of Halo bluetooth speakers including Halo Master Chief Bluetooth Speaker. AC Worldwide were kind and giving enough to supply us with some details.

Halo Master Chief Bluetooth Speaker Front Facing

Halo Master Chief Bluetooth Speaker

The first thing you notice about these speakers is that they are MASSIVE. Full human head size. Looks great in any room or shelf! The ACW Masterchief has superior sound quality [we own C3PO and its loud and slick sound], sending out and using a full 2.1 system sound including two tweeters along with a down-facing ported subwoofer to deliver ground-shaking boom-boom bass. Whether you want to hook up your smartphone or tablet wirelessly through Bluetooth, or plug in your Xbox via AUX, these speakers provide loud and crisp sound. Also, the USB charging port can be used to power phones, audio devices or even to charge or power console controllers.

There are lots of really cool features included with these headsets, and on top of it all, they look great no matter where you put them! Something like this wouldn’t look out of place next to your Xbox One, PS4 or on a shelf full of gaming and geeky items. It’s really a great way to show your love of Halo, love video games, and love SOUND.

Here is more from AC Worldwide COO Stephen Jones,

“We have been delighted by press, trade and consumer response to our debut just this year in the marketplace. Our mission is already clear: to bring high-quality audio into consumers’ homes in a format to surprise and delight. Halo is a natural fit, one of the biggest video game franchises of all time with a worldwide dedicated fan-base and iconic sci-fi characters and environments. We’d like to thank the team at 343 Industries for their incredible enthusiasm for our product range, which has enabled our young company to partner across the world with this truly iconic brand..

343 is equally as excited about this new partnership for Halo bluetooth speakers, and this new item is in the lineup of Halo merchandise,

“We’re huge fans of AC Worldwide and the great high-quality sound products that they create. They’re combining some of the most loved Halo characters with superior sound quality, and we can’t wait for fans to see and hear more about the Halo-themed speakers this Autumn.

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Get ready to blow those Prometheans and enemy Spartans back to Noctus, Apex 7, Darkstar & Stormbreak!

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