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How to Draw Cartoon People – Chibi Hula Girl Online Art Lessons

How to Draw Cartoon People – Chibi Hula Girl Online Art Lessons

How to Draw Cartoon People - Chibi Hula Girl - Cute Art - Fun2draw | Online Art Lessons

“How to draw a chibi simple and easy”, “How to draw a hula girl dancer” – How to draw a girl’s face, body, clothes, hair step by step! More Fun2draw videos on my channel: Makes for fun online art classes and drawing lessons to do at home.

When it comes to drawing cartoon people, simplicity is key. Cartoon characters are known for their exaggerated features and distinct styles, and by embracing this concept, you can create your very own unique characters. Start by observing real people and identifying the aspects you want to emphasize in your cartoon representation – perhaps it’s their big, expressive eyes or unconventional hairstyles. Remember that even the most detailed and intricate cartoon characters start with basic shapes like circles, ovals, and rectangles. These simple shapes serve as the foundation of your character’s body proportions and facial features.

Adding personality to your cartoon people is crucial for creating a memorable character. Think about what makes each person unique in real life: their gestures, mannerisms, or distinctive fashion choices. Translating these traits into your drawings will make your cartoons come alive on paper. Experiment with different poses to bring out the personality of your character – a dynamic stance could convey confidence while a slouched posture could evoke shyness or laziness.

Incorporating texture can give depth and interest to your cartoon people. While many cartoons have smooth surfaces, adding small details like freckles or wrinkles can make them more visually appealing. Similarly, don’t be afraid to play around with patterns on clothing or different skin tones; these variations can instantly transform an ordinary character into something truly extraordinary.

Remember that drawing cartoon people is all about letting go of realism constraints and embracing creativity while still capturing the essence of a person. So grab your pencil and let your imagination run wild as

How to Draw Cartoon People – Chibi Hula Girl Online Art Lessons


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Fun2draw is created by Mei Yu, a Canadian artist and “how to draw people”, cartoon animals and anime book author. In this Fun 2 draw video, she shows you how to draw a cute hula girl “step by step”. “How to draw a hula girl” is easy and simple in this “drawing tutorial”. It’s fun to draw a cute cartoon hula girl on the beach in Hawaii for your friends and family!

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How to Draw Cartoon People – Chibi Girl – Cute Art – Fun2draw | Online Cartoon Classes






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