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James Bond Diamond's Cut 007 [Full Film Fan Made]

My first film; Diamond’s Cut 007!
Made for a school project in 2012.

Watch the sequel;

Although this is an original story I do not own the rights to some of the characters in the film such as ‘Q’, ‘M’ and of course James Bond. (characters that I have not created are noted in the cast list below.

Written, directed and edited by Matthew Williams.

James Bond (Ian Fleming’s creation)- Liam Vaughan
Joshua Fiennes – John McGuire
Lara Brooks – Mia Archer
Dylan Mitchell – Harley Wilson
‘Assassin’ – Shannon Eisenblatter
‘M’ (Ian Fleming’s creation) – Max Mastrosavas
Cooper Slack – Justin Rowe
Ryan Jackson – Gianluca Noble
Miss Moneypenny (Ian Fleming’s creation) – Sophia Lombardi
‘Q’ (Ian Fleming’s creation) – Reece Warren

Various Gunmen/Cameos;
Jesse Wilson
Bethany McGrath
Armin Tessenyi
Andrew Williams
Alison Thearle
Linda Williams
Sarah Williams
Claudia Sigalla
Matthew Williams (me)

As mentioned before, I do not own the rights to certain characters, however this is an original story.

This video was first published onYouTube Source link . We are just re-posting and re-sharing.

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