Mark Zuckerberg Deserves His Failure.

Mark Zuckerberg Deserves His Failure…

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Mark Zukerberg was the 6th richest person in the world just one year ago. Now, He’s dropped to number 25, losing $79 billion dollars thanks to Meta’s stock price tanking. Mark Zuckerberg’s empire is collapsing all around him.
To illustrate the extent of this disaster, it is important to realize that META was in the top 5 most valuable US companies in 2021. Now, they’ve slumped below number 20, worth even less than Home Depot.

This disastrous fall from grace has coincided with Zuckerberg’s truly dark character finally being fully revealed to the public. As panic has kicked in for the billionaire, his true colors are being prominently displayed for the world to see.

His downfall is here…

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