Monday , April 15 2024

My Transformers Masterpiece and 3rd party collection (Just another 2020 UPDATE IG: TFTOYSADDICT)

I deleted my previous UPDATED videos on my collection and just combined it into one. I’m pretty close in finishing this collection. My goal was to only complete all of season 1,2 and Movie characters and some season 3 and 4. Currently Season 1 is all complete and Season 2 I’m missing Astrotrain (I have FT Thomas on preorder) and I also bought YES MODEL Oversize Defensor for now til a company really makes a true 20 incher. Also missing Alpha Trion and the fem bots which are also season 2 characters but there are no true MP scale for them. I’m also waiting on a lot of preorders from Fanstoys for finishing the rest of the FT Aerialbots and Stunticons for my team mode display, FT Chomp, FT Brawn and Warpath to replace my final victory set. Also waiting for Ocular Max to make Blaster’s cassettes as I don’t want to get KFC’s versions imo they are garbage.., and waiting for Maketoys to make Highbrow and Brainstorm so I can even the odds against my season 4 Decepticons lol. Now its just a waiting game for pre-orders and new releases. For non MP scale I do have Hasbro Titan class Scorponok (to match up with my Titan class Fortress Maximus), Fasttrack, 2 x Allicons and a Quintesson on Pre-order. After all these pre-ordered characters are released I most likely be finished with my collection. Can’t collect them all.

For current updates on my collection you can check out my IG account at TFTOYSADDICT

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