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Now GOG Galaxy 2.0 collects your subscriptions too

The open beta for GOG’s new game launcher has gotten another update that, among other things, will let you link and surf the libraries of your subscription game services. Update 5 for GOG Galaxy 2.0 has a few other features like custom executables and sorting titles as well.

GOG Galaxy 2.0 already unifies all your separate game libraries from different storefronts like the Epic Store, Steam, Origin, and so on. Now it will collect every game you currently own as part of your subscription services as well.

Subscription game services have become a lot more the norm in the past year than frankly I ever expected them to. The Xbox Game Pass for PC library always seems to be adding great games. There’s EA Access and Uplay+ and Humble Choice as well. Keeping track of what’s available if you have just one subscription, let alone multiple, is a bit of a headache. Being able to search them all through just one browser sounds like a relief.

As part of the newest update, Galaxy 2.0 also gives you the ability to add custom executables and command line arguments for your games. You can choose which executable is your default if, say, you play Elder Scrolls Online and want to make sure that GOG always pulls the 64 bit launcher and not the 32 bit one. You can also set “sorting titles” for your games. Maybe you’ve got some pesky games with special characters in their names you’d like to standardise or too many games starting with “the”.

Although I’ve not yet made the full jump to running Galaxy 2.0 every day, I’ve continued to be impressed with its updates. It seems that GOG actually understand and are adapting to the way that we’re collecting and playing games. Subscription services have gotten big, so they’re looking to solve that. Makes sense.

Meanwhile Epic, according to its development board, has only just added wishlists and browsing and Steam is desperately trying to help you search through its already daunting store by tweaking its tag system.

There are a few more minor updates to Galaxy 2.0 as well, though it appears you can only view the full changelogs inside the program. They’re under the settings cogwheel.

You can try out GOG Galaxy 2.0 by downloading it over on their website. If you already use it, you should have the new update after restarting the application.

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