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One Punch Man Live Action – Saitama vs Genos – RE Anime

One Punch Man Live Action – Saitama vs Genos – RE Anime

One Punch Man Live Action

One Punch Man Live Action – Saitama vs Genos – RE Anime
Bandai Namco Arts –

Get ready to witness the most epic and jaw-dropping superhero adaptation yet – One Punch Man is going live action! Brace yourselves for a thrilling ride as Saitama, the invincible protagonist with a single devastating punch, jumps off the pages and onto your screens. This beloved manga series has captured the hearts of millions worldwide with its unique blend of humor, satire, and mind-blowing battles. Now, prepare to be blown away as One Punch Man smashes through the boundaries of animation and enters our reality like never before.

Hold onto your capes because One Punch Man is about to smash its way into our lives in an explosive live-action extravaganza! Get ready to go on an adrenaline-fueled adventure alongside Saitama, a hero so powerful that he can defeat any opponent with just one punch. With rumors swirling about this highly anticipated project, fans are buzzing with excitement and anticipation for what promises to be an awe-inspiring spectacle. So fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a rollercoaster ride filled with epic battles, hilarious moments, and a hero unlike any other in One Punch Man Live Action!

The announcement of a live-action adaptation of the popular anime series, One Punch Man, has sparked mixed reactions among fans. While some are excited to see their favorite hero come to life on the big screen, others worry that the unique charm and humor of the original may be lost in translation.

One of the biggest challenges facing the creators of this live-action adaptation will be capturing the essence of Saitama’s character. Saitama is known for his unbeatable strength but also his nonchalant attitude towards it all. Finding an actor who can convincingly portray this combination of power and indifference will be crucial in maintaining the integrity of One Punch Man.

Additionally, translating the jaw-dropping action sequences from animation to real-life will require innovative cinematography and special effects. Fans have high expectations for how these epic battles will be brought to life and it is essential that they surpass those expectations. With meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of what makes One Punch Man so appealing, this live-action adaptation has a chance to become something truly remarkable.


Thanks to Player 1 Films for Co-Producing this with us.

Thank you to the fans of RE:Anime, without you guys we wouldn’t be here today. We hope you enjoyed the film and we look forward to creating more live-action anime content for you all to enjoy in the near future!

We also must thank our amazing crew who came out, without you all this film would not be possible. Thank you for your dedication to your craft, we sincerely appreciate it —

Directed by Elliot C. Rosen

Produced by
Nik Shaw
Jordan Nistico
Elliot C. Rosen
Juan Abdo

Executive Producers
David Zheng
Tim Barry
Elliot C. Rosen
Jordan Nistico

Associate Producers
Paul Katara
Osric Chau
Candice Schuval

SAITAMA (Alfred Hsing)

GENOS (Yoshi Sudarso)

Director of Photography – Nik Shaw

Editor – Elliot C. Rosen

Post-Production Supervisors – Elliot C. Rosen, Nik Shaw

1st AD – Alyssa Aguilos
1st AC – Brendan J. Boyle, Philip Hoang
2nd AC – Zariah Dally
Steadicam Op – Avery Ramirez

Gaffer/Key Grip – Tory McCulley
Grip – Matt Hayward

Sound Mixer – Paul Wells

Sound Designer – Aaron Eberhardt, Elliot C. Rosen

Original Music – Matt Wang

Make-up – Kao Minamoto

Costumer & Hair Stylist – Tram Nichols

Wardrobe – Mariah Harrison, Sanford Worth

Stunt Coordinator – Ian Eyre
Stunt Rigger – Christian Howard

Production Assistants
Christian Nardi
Paul Katara
Katrina Lee

Colorist – Dino Dumandan

Visual Effects
Juan Abdo
Poetic Image
Elliot C. Rosen
Ryan ZumMallen
Ishraq Aziz
Christian Nardi

On-Set VFX Supervisor
Josh Mabie

Original Calligraphy – Emily Kung

BTS Director – Elliot C. Rosen & Christian Nardi
BTS Videographer & Editor – Christian Nardi
BTS Videographer – Paul Katara

Special Thanks

Melly Lee
Tim Barry
Russell Rosen
Colleen Crimmins Rosen
Christian Nardi
Julia Brosseau
Stephen Vitale
Cooper Justus
Matt Hoss
George Shaw
Jonathan Tanigaki
Jake Gutwillig
Alfred Hsing

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One Punch Man Live Action – Saitama vs Genos – RE Anime


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