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Photoshop Brushes for Digital Artists

Photoshop Brushes for Digital Artists

The GrutBrushes Art Brushes Collection now has more than 350 Photoshop brushes for digital Artists! Get ‘em all now at

– Yes! The brushes work in Photoshop CS5,CS6, and CC (yep, even the latest version)

– You don’t need the GrutBrushes plugin panel that you see in the video (with all the square icons) The brushes work just as well without it, but if you do use Photoshop CC (2014 – present) you can use it to sort and organise your GrutBrushes if you’d like

– The brushes are all pressure responsive (not stencil stamps) and they respond to the pressure and motion of your stylus

– The textures are mostly dynamically created and don’t rely on image textures which means they don’t repeat and every stroke is unique

– The set contains 350 Photoshop brushes including:
• 24 Watercolour
• 75 Ink
• 24 Flat Oil
• 25 Impasto Oil
• 43 Pencils (x2)
• 65 Natural Media + Specialty
• 16 Cross Hatching
• Charcoals
• Gouache
• 5 Ballpoint Pens
• 18 Mixers/Blenders
• Other misc. brushes and tools

– Includes a free 60 day GrutBrushes membership!

– Includes 50% off discount on GrutBrushes Art Surfaces (valid for 60 days)

– Requires a tablet with a stylus (Wacom, Huion, Yiynova, Monoprice, etc)

– Not compatible with “Photoshop Elements” app

– Cloud FX & InkyLeaks FX brushes are not included in the Art Brushes Set

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