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Prices Lowered for Champions in League of Legends

Prices Lowered for Champions in League of Legends

Prices Lowered for Champions in League of Legends

Champions will start becoming cheaper in the next update. Check out all the price adjustments when Patch 13.5 comes out.

League of Legends has been a game about champions, and Riot wants to reaffirm this by introducing changes to how accessible these characters can be. Devs will finally make all League champs cheaper so newer players can quickly get them for the League of Legends accounts. What are the specific changes coming to the game’s pricing?

League of Legends Price Reduction

We don’t have the list of updated costs per champion. However, the details on how each character can be rated have been made available to the public. Players’ favorite characters for ELO boosting might become more accessible after the changes go live. Here are the updated tiers for champion pricing:

  • 450 Blue Essence/260 RP – This tier is the most accessible for most players. They feature champions that are the easiest to use and very beginner friendly. Some examples of this tier are Malphite, Yuumi, and Miss Fortune.
  • 1350 Blue Essence/585 RP – These champions are a bit more complicated than the base tier, but they are easy to approach and do not have a steep learning curve. Some examples of this type of character are Lucian, Sett, and Yasuo.
  • 3150 Blue Essence/790 RP – Many champs with a high learning curve and are difficult to master are placed here. These characters require players to specialize in them or, at least, be proficient with them to win their games. Part of this tier includes LeBlanc, Shaco, and Yorick.
  • 4800 Blue Essence/880 RP – Those not part of the first three tiers will be placed here. There isn’t a criterion on who is included in this ion.
  • 6300 Blue Essence/975 RP – The most recent champions are priced at this tier. Any character released in the past two seasons will automatically be placed here, and they will become cheaper once another season starts.
  • 7800 Blue Essence/975 RP – Recently released champions who aren’t a week old are automatically placed on this tier. They will move down to the previous price range after their first week.

Note: A 4444 Blue Essence/880 RP was listed in the post, but it may be just a meme; as the description states, “Only perfection and beauty are allowed at this tier. HAHAHAHA.”

The upcoming price changes are estimated to reduce Blue Essence spending by 140,606 BE. Different champion bundles will also be introduced as the seasons go on. Players should expect that certain champs will have a cheaper package than their default store price. These updated character costs are expected to go live on March 8, 2023, during Patch 13.5.

Why Are League Champions Becoming Cheaper

There haven’t been any changes or rework in the game’s champion pricing since the League of Legends came out. These price adjustments will be the first significant tweaks to how easily players can access champs. The decision to make characters cheaper was made after devs announced that the old model was outdated.

In a recent blog post, devs described the current price model as archaic and slow to update. The current system prices champion depending on how old they are rather than how frequently they are used each season. The developers hope the price adjustments will increase the pick rate of several less popular champs in the upcoming patches.

While the age of the champions will still be considered, other factors will be included in deciding the prices for each character. More recent champs will still be placed at a higher price range and eventually moved to lower tiers. How cheap each character is will depend on their ease of use and pick rate in the current season.

Potential Future Updates to the Champion Costs

There probably won’t be any significant updates to the in-game store in the near future, and any changes to the pricing will only be limited to champions moving up and down between tiers. Riot has specified that champs getting visual updates or gameplay rework in the future will potentially get cheaper or more expensive. Their price will change depending on their effectiveness and ease of use after their revamp.

While these changes would not affect veteran players, they will make it easier for newbies to get into the game since they can add more champions to their League of Legends accounts. Buying the upcoming bundles would also help newcomers cost-effectively acquire characters. Check out the new cost for each character when Patch 13.5 drops.

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