Sci-Fi Short Film Visitors by DUST

Sci-Fi Short Film Visitors by DUST

Sci-Fi Short Film Visitors by DUST
Sci-Fi Short Film Visitors by DUST

A dreamy and enigmatic story of two women stranded in a country house, whilst menacing lights roam the skies.

“Visitors” by Alex Badham

Connect with the Filmmakers:

Anna Snoekstra

More About “Visitors”:
Life has been rearranged and displaced ‚Äď a penguin wanders through the Australian desert. A giant squid lies dead on a remote dirt road. And at night, menacing lights patrol the sky.

Alison and Li pass the time in an abandoned country house. Unable to speak the same language, the two women form an unspoken intimacy hiding from the strange phenomenon happening around them.

VISITORS is an enigmatic ‚Äúlo-fi sci-fi‚ÄĚ that sparks the senses with psychedelic flourishes whilst remaining grounded in the everyday, exploring genuine human moments.

“Visitors” Credits:
Starring Maggie Madfox & Cait Spiker

Writer Anna Snoekstra
Director Alex Badham
Producers Nikki Castle, Alex Badham
Cinematographer Amy Dellar
Production Designer Paige Anderson
Sound Recordist Johnie Stanley
Standby Props Aarushi Chowdhury
Art Dept. Coordinator Ebony Lesniowska
Hair/Makeup Rhea Vine
Colourist Daniel Stonehouse
Gaffer Hannah Palmer
1st AC Lucy Campbell
2nd AC Hamish Ross-McGlynn
Best Boy Andrew Kirkman
Rigging Rockie Stone & Sarah McDougall
Runner Shea Latif
Catering Polly’s Kitchen

Thank you…
James Hoban
Rebecca Dai
Lucy Roleff
Gus Franklin
Marden Dean
Jensen Cope
Jonathan Haynes
Tim Shiel


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