The Actual Cost Of A Real Life Iron Man Suit

How Much Would A REAL Iron Man Suit Cost?
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Admit it: we’ve all dreamed of being a superhero at one point or another. And to do that you either need to have superpowers or some kind of super suit to effectively give you powers. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony Stark makes pulling this off look easy, but it turns out that making a real life Iron Man suit is pretty challenging. Who knew? Well, if you have millions of dollars at your disposal it might actually be possible to at least come close to something like you’ve seen in the movies. The Bleeding Edge armor apparently costs a few billion in the comic books so this is kind of a bargain! Or if you don’t need it to be usable, you can get a surprisingly detailed version of the Mark 43 armor from Age of Ultron for a few hundred thousand dollars! A real, functional exoskeleton suit doesn’t come cheap and that’s before you add all the jetpacks and an arc reactor. A man named Richard Browning managed to create a pretty astonishing version but it has some serious limitations.

What do you think about the feasibility of creating an actual super suit? Is it way too dangerous to even attempt or would the potential rewards outweigh the risks? Let us know what you think in the comment section and then click on the subscribe button to get access to all of the latest and greatest videos from us here at CBR.


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