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The Danger of AI Technology Artificial Intelligence Documentary

The Danger of AI Technology Artificial Intelligence Documentary

The Danger of AI Technology Artificial Intelligence Documentary

The Danger of AI Technology Artificial Intelligence Documentary

The Danger of AI – An examination of an alternative means to accurately poll for political opinions through an artificial intelligence program named Polly.

The Danger of AI (2020)
Director: Peter Gombos
Writers: Peter Gombos
Stars: Terez Land
Genre: Documentary
Country: Canada
Language: English
Also Known As: Margin of Error
Release Date: October 17, 2020 (Canada)


There is going to be a shakeup in the prediction game in spite of the fact that conventional polling methods have been used to forecast public opinion for the past century. The documentary titled Margin of Error: AI, Polling and Elections takes a look at how a company known as Advanced Symbolics (ASI) forecasts voter behaviour by using data from public social media platforms as well as artificial intelligence (AI). But with with the potential benefits of new technologies come concerns about their reliability as well as the risks they pose to the democracy we practise and the privacy of our citizens.

Without reading the terms of service or gaining an understanding of them, each of us voluntarily discloses a substantial quantity of personally identifiable information to nearly every Internet service that we use. Artificial intelligence can now gather this data to precisely forecast, amongst a wide variety of other things, how we will vote.

Polly is a novel artificial intelligence system that was developed by ASI. It scours social media to generate profiles of different demographics and determines the preferences of those groups, all without requiring users to hand over any personal information.Polly has already had success using this strategy to correctly anticipate both the 2016 election of Donald Trump and the Brexit vote. Using the campaign for the 2019 Canadian federal election as a real-time backdrop, Margin of Error puts Polly to the test to demonstrate how an AI can not only present a precise picture of the voting intentions of the population, but also how specific events can modify those intentions.

But will knowing what our dreams and fears are provide politicians with the intelligence they need to respond to our demands and lead to a “utopian” society, as ASI’s CEO Erin Kelly claims? Or, is it possible that this data may be manipulated to mislead us – either by our own governments or by those of our adversaries? Should politicians even bother reacting to our wants and needs when they are communicated via social media?

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