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The Faceless Man – Concept Art Page 2 – Horror Film Creature Design

“As with a lot of concept art work, variations on a design are important even if you have a good idea of what you’ve got in mind. This page was great to experiment with different face designs, such as having his skin rotting off or teeth exposed. Even if these designs weren’t used in the final, they’re important in getting used to the character and one step closer to his final look.”


Timelapse video process in Photoshop painting the concept art for the Australian horror film “The Faceless Man (2019)” by Chapter 5 Studios which I worked on as the creature concept artist. My design was then taken by prosthetic make up artist Emma Rose and the Chapter 5 Studios team and portrayed by Brendan Bacon on screen as the title monster in the new Australian horror classic!

A3 Pencil drawing scanned & painted in Photoshop CC with my Wacom tablet & Mobile Studio Pro.

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All Artwork Copyright © 2020 Austen Mengler / Chapter 5 Studios

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