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The Ghost Short Horror Film Screamfest

The Ghost Short Horror Film Screamfest

The Ghost Short Horror Film

The Ghost Short Horror Film premiered in Screamfest 2016. Mi-young, a mortuary cosmetologist, makes money by pulling gold teeth from dead bodies. Then one day an unidentified body was taken to the morgue.

As the screen fades to black after viewing The Ghost Short Horror Film at Screamfest, a lingering unease settles in the room. The eerie ambiance and chilling visuals evoke a sense of dread that sticks with you long after the credits roll. The clever use of sound design heightens the tension, making even the smallest noise send shivers down your spine.

What sets The Ghost apart is its ability to play on psychological fears rather than relying solely on jump scares. The slow build-up of suspense creates a feeling of impending doom that keeps viewers on edge throughout the film. Each frame is meticulously crafted to instill a sense of dread, leaving audiences haunted by the lingering presence of an unseen malevolent force.

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Directed by: Sueng-Hyeun Lim
Produced by: Han-Jae Kim, Sueng-Hyeun Lim
Written by: Sueng-Hyeun Lim
Main Cast: Jin-A Kang, Dong-Hee Han
Country: South Korea


Screamfest Horror Film Festival is America’s largest and longest running horror film festival. The festival runs for 10 days in October in Los Angeles. Screamfest, has launched careers – providing a platform for filmmakers and actors to showcase their latest work to enthusiasts and general audiences. We are proud to show you some of the short films that have screened at the festival over the years.

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