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The Social Dilemma – Learn the Secrets of the Tech Giants – Must Watch Netflix

The Social Dilemma – Learn the Secrets of the Tech Giants – Must Watch Netflix

The Social Dilemma – Learn the Secrets of the Tech Giants – Must Watch Netflix – Your Fav sites like Facebook , Google , Amazon , Instagram , Twitter and others are not just there for fun.??? Maybe more sinister stuff is going on and most likely to effect young minds.

Hear from Ex Employees of Tech Giants that reveal the hidden truth behind some of the biggest sites on the planet…

The Social Dilemma - Learn the Secrets of the Tech Giants - Must Watch Netflix
The Social Dilemma – Learn the Secrets of the Tech Giants – Must Watch Netflix

From the creators of Chasing Ice and Chasing Coral, The Social Dilemma blends documentary investigation and narrative drama to disrupt the disrupters, unveiling the hidden machinations behind everyone’s favorite social media and search platforms.

Never before have a handful of tech designers had such control over the way billions of us think, act, and live our lives.

The problem beneath all other problems

Technology’s promise to keep us connected has given rise to a host of unintended consequences that are catching up with us. If we can’t address our broken information ecosystem, we’ll never be able to address the challenges that plague humanity.

A 5,000 person study found that higher social media use correlated with self-reported declines in mental and physical health and life satisfaction.

Persuasive design techniques like push notifications and the endless scroll of your newsfeed have created a feedback loop that keeps us glued to our devices.

Social media advertising gives anyone the opportunity to reach huge numbers of people with phenomenal ease, giving bad actors the tools to sow unrest and fuel political divisions.

64% of the people who joined extremist groups on Facebook did so because the algorithms steered them there.

Algorithms promote content that sparks outrage, hate, and amplifies biases within the data that we feed them.

We tweet, we like, and we share— but what are the consequences of our growing dependence on social media? As digital platforms increasingly become a lifeline to stay connected, Silicon Valley insiders reveal how social media is reprogramming civilization by exposing what’s hiding on the other side of your screen.

Our mental health is not for sale

We have created a dedicated resource hub for the Mental Health Dilemma featuring new resources and bonus interviews from the film. Using these tools we invite you to host a conversation using The Social Dilemma to discuss the connection between the extractive nature of Big Social and our mental health.

take a social media reboot

That toxic feeling? It’s not by accident, it’s by design.
Take back control with our 7-day Social Media Reboot featuring tips to realign your relationship with technology from experts featured in the film.

Now is the time to share the film and have a discussion about repairing our broken information ecosystem. If you’re organizing a group screening, be sure to register your event for a grant of permission and get access to unique resources including discussion guides and new classroom tools.

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