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Top 10 X-Men Dawn Of X Comics So Far

Top 10 X-Men Dawn Of X Comics So Far
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This fall X (Ten) of Swords will be coming our way, but until that happens, we get to enjoy and prepare for the huge mutant Marvel event by perusing and reading a bunch of new X-Men related comics tied to Jonathan Hickman’s relaunch known as Dawn of X. Leading up to Dawn of X was House and Powers of X, two joint series that explained just how we got to the beginning of Dawn of X and the mutant nation of Krakoa, where all mutants are welcome, no matter who they are, where they’re from or what they did before. As long as they love mutants. Today on Top 10 Nerd, we’ll be talking about our favorites with our list of the Top 10 X-Men Dawn Of X Comics So Far.

Top 10 X-Men Dawn Of X Biggest Changes So Far

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Marauders (2019 – vol 1)
New Mutants (2019 – vol 4)
Giant Size X-Men: Jean Gray and Emma Frost
Wolverine (2020 – vol 7)
X-Force (2019 – vol 6)
X-Men (2019 – vol 5)
Cable (2020 – vol 4)
Giant Size X-Men: Nightcrawler
Hellions (2020)
Excalibur (2019 – vol 4)

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