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Why Monopoly is one of the most popular Board Games

Monopoly is a board game with two to eight players, and every player’s goal is to remain financially stable while forcing the opponent to bankruptcy. Buyers compete to acquire wealth through selling, buying, and developing properties using play money. Players are given a certain amount of money, then they move around a board according to the throw of a pair of dice, and if one lands on an un-owned property, they may buy it. However, the player is forced to pay rent to the owner if he falls into an owned property. When one becomes bankrupt, they lose the game, and they get eliminated, the winner is the last player on the board. The game has become very popular because of the following reasons. There are even custom editions of Monopoly like Fortnite versions!


It Combines both Strategy and Chance

A player can depend on his luck; he can also come up with plans to complement his success with strategies to gain dominance in the game. Besides, the game requires a high level of skills, knowing what property to buy and when and how much cash you should save to protect you. A player should even understand how the values of property changes with time. Most skilled players will always use different ideas, rule changes, variations, and luck to win, as the game has a few decisions that matter, but they come after randomized setup. It highly depends on possibilities as it is full of uncertainties; thus, most players engage in the game to experiment with their level of luck and their skills in predicting chances.

It is suitable for both Children and Adults

It is a simple game that involves every member of the family; it is easy for children; thus, it is preferred during family bonding time. It is also suitable for adults as it is very challenging and competitive enough since it is a combination of chess and candy land. You can modify the rules for the younger players, and it is a great teaching opportunity on attention, good sportsmanship, and turn-taking when guided by parents. Most parents prefer involving their kids with the game since it exposes them to the financial basics through the application of cash in the transactions. The game also allows kids to do math quickly, as it reinforces multiplication, subtraction, fractions, and addition. It also explains the basis of taxation, illustrates economic inequalities, property ownership, and also helps kids to develop negotiation skills.

It has Built-in Flexibility

It gives the players a chance of customising the game, as one can make their own rules, to make the game more tactical. For example, players can decide on the unclaimed property rules, if the land is unclaimed. The official law states that you should have an auction for the property; however, you can decide to let a person decline the purchase without action or ban a person from purchasing it if they land on it again when it is unclaimed. The game has been transferred into a digital version which allows you to play it your way by combining the flexible house rules with the trade interfaces. This flexibility allows various people to adjust the game to suit their needs.

It Became a Monopoly Itself

It has become part of the culture whereby when someone plays it in childhood; they will possibly buy it for their children in the future. Most people have associated their business success to the game and thus use it to teach their kids how to make money, make investment decisions, and make crucial negotiations essential for adult life, without actual loss. The main aim is to create a business-oriented culture to help children understand how to manage the family business in future. It has grown to be a popular game, with high levels of influence from colleagues and family members.

It is Realistic

It is perceived to teach people about real-life situations since it is about people striving for the limited available resources. It teaches people to take risks at the same time save up in case you have to go to jail. Most players connect the game to real-life issues, indicated by high emotions depicted while they play. The game depicts the real –estate market whereby it reflects the dynamics of the trade with the associated constraints. It also reflects general economics through human interactions as negotiations, competitiveness, and risk-taking, creating the dynamics of the economy as real-world phenomena.

It Gives Players a Clear goal

The main goal of the game is to drive your opponent to bankruptcy, and players get eliminated when they owe more than they can pay. The end of the results is thrilling and will give the winner a sense of self-pride if a player goes bankrupt to another player, he turns all his valuables to the ones he owes money. When the game’s motive is so bright, most players are attracted and will find out various tactics to use against their opponents. Some players delight in frustrating the opponents, and by achieving the game’s goal, they can easily do this.

It Strengthens Social Relations

There is a social aspect associated with playing the board game since you can play it with other people. When people become engrossed in activities like board games, they monitor their behaviour less and reveal their hidden personality, and this will allow you to know your teammates better. The game will build relationships among people creating a vast social network of friends in the teams. Face to face interactions provides an opportunity to develop social skills that are essential in our day to day lives, and the game also brings the advantage of building stronger bonds within a family. Playing the game gives you a chance to connect with others, discover people’s different tastes and preferences and helps to develop playful nature to make new friends, and to be more comfortable with strangers. The monopoly board game will provide shy people with an opportunity to keep in touch and let go of the fear and get involved in productive conversations. 

Not only a classic board game

Monopoly is so successful today, that there are even video game versions of the game out there. For example you can play Monopoly on PC or consoles. In those games you can play vs an AI, together with friends in a local session or online with players all around the world. Besides console and PC offshoots, there are even casino – slot machines based on the Monopoly board game. If you are interested in seeing how the casino-version of Monopoly works, or if you maybe even want to try it out for yourself, you can find all necessary information in addition to the opportunity to play it for free without raising money on


The monopoly board game is a popular game that has gained massive support since it allows players to live in a fantasy of buying and selling properties. The game offers classic game play that appeals to children, parents, and even their grandparents thus are widely used as a family game. The game is associated with massive benefits to the kids; it creates a leisure atmosphere filled with friends and fun. It is related to various financial lessons used in our day to day business operations. It has been translated into 47 languages, played in about 114 countries and has sold more than 275 million copies. The reassuring fact behind the game is that everyone so good at playing the monopoly board game has all the attributes needed to succeed in the competitive business world.

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