Wolverine Will Be Introduced To The MCU Sooner Than You Think

Wolverine is Just Around the Corner
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When the Marvel Cinematic Universe started it was thought that they had already sold off all their best characters to other companies. Sony had gotten their marque character, Spider-man, while Fox got both the first family of Marvel, the Fantastic Four, but the Mutants. The Mutants have been one of the most popular and enduring elements of the Marvel canon. Marvel had created a class of superhero that was inherently distrusted by the people they protected. It turns out that Marvel Studios could get by just fine with the characters they had and no one would dare call characters like Iron Man their C-list. Meanwhile, Fox had been running a successful franchise out of the Mutant properties. That was then, this is now, and Disney has acquired Fox and the licenses that Fox held.

This raises the question of how the mutants will make their way to the MCU and more importantly, when. The notoriously tight-lipped Marvel Studios has provided few details of what the next phases will include, but there has been a steady stream of information and clues that might hint to our getting to see one of the most popular Mutants in the Marvel Universe. Wolverine is the product of the Weapon X program, Canada’s attempt at their own super soldier program. That association is key, and a clue regarding the country of Madripoor that popped up in a set photo for Falcon & the Winter Soldier indicate that we might see Logan aka the Wolverine sooner than one might think.


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