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Your Mother and I | A Short Film by Anna Maguire

Johnna’s dad talks too much, and Johnna herself lives inside her head. ‘Your Mother and I’ looks at the small moments that belie the larger tensions between families and generations, whilst Johnna’s dad recounts all the ways he and his wife changed the world. Or so he says.

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“Your Mother and I” won the following awards:

ALFS Award – British/Irish Short Film of the Year – London Critics Circle Film Awards, 2018
Best UK Short – London Short Film Festival, 2017

This short film was also nominated for the Best Short Film Award, Vancouver International Film Festival 2016, and nominated in the Official Oscar Qualifying Competition for the Best Short Film Award at the Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival.

Anna Maguire was nominated for the Bechdel Test Fest Best Female Director Award at the London Short Film Festival 2017.


Directed by: Anna Maguire
Screenplay: Dave Eggers, Julia Hart, Anna Maguire
Producers: Kat Hidalgo, Peter Kuplowsky, Anna Maguire

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