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Official Marvel’s Inhumans trailer

Inhumans trailer

Official Marvel’s Inhumans trailer The Inhumans trailer is here and the  first two episodes will show in IMAX on September 1, before traversing to ABC on September 29 for the rest of the series. UK air dates information currently a big unknown! Latest UK Season: Series One Latest UK TV Air Date: No …

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John Wick Nerf video

John Wick Nerf

John Wick Nerf video Imagine the amount of Nerf bullets they have to find and pick up in this John Wick Nerf video. The action in this is hella good. Well done Corridor Digital for producing a fun video. Look out for some deadly headshots! Now we need Nerf John Wick …

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New Ataribox console in production


Recently, something known as the Ataribox popped up on YouTube (under), the preview did not show much other than a hyperlink to your site to your Ataribox. Domain information was inaccessible at the moment, but it had been presumed that the Ataribox wasn’t something Atari-built, but some third-party job. Have a …

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Marvel Comics Black Panther teaser trailer

Black Panther teaser trailer

Black Panther teaser trailer The first Black Panther teaser trailer is here and its truly epic! The trailer is brilliant, and even the poster portrays the Black Panther’s broodiness and tension. Andy Serkis as Klaw is sinister and may steal the show :-). Chadwick Boseman seems the perfect pick to …

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Real life Transformer

real life transformer

Real life Transformer Decepticon or Autobot ? Very important consideration when looking to purchase a Real life Transformer, right? Does anyone remember that episode of Clerks with Axel and Reinhold? It’s getting closer to reality! You could own a real life Transformer for $600,000 so we have heard anyway. Apparently someone …

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What could a Multiverse look like


What could a Multiverse look like What a great visualization, it’s quite mind-altering to say the least. What could a Multiverse look like that is the question, no? Well feast your eyes on the video above. What if the universe was just another organism existing in its own frame of existence? …

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Marvel Heroes Omega trailer open beta launch

Marvel Heroes Omega

Marvel Heroes Omega PlayStation 4 Open Beta Begins now, Marvel Heroes Omega Xbox One Launch Set for June 20 Gazillion, a number one video game creator and publisher, introduced the Marvel Heroes Omega open beta for PlayStation®4! Marvel Heroes Omega includes the original gameplay of Action-RPGs MMOs and with an …

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Blade Runner 2049 New Movie Trailer – Starring Harrison Ford

Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 New Movie Trailer – Starring Harrison Ford Watch the latest Blade Runner 2049 new trailer. Enjoy. Does it disappoint? Are you excited about this movie? We ARE! Visually it looks stunning. I guess many of us thought the replicant world of Blade Runner would never be replicated. Now, it …

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