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Funko Pop Hunting .. UK ( We Find A Chase ) The Entertainer | Menkind | Tesco | Game | B&M

Funko Pop Hunting .. UK ( We Find A Chase )| The Entertainer | Menkind | Tesco | Game | B&M
Hi everyone and welcome back to another video by danny and jaz
Today we will be doing a funko pop hunt round our local town middlesbrough . We visited places like GAME , THE ENTERTAINER , TESCO , B&M , MENKIND ,
We seen a few things we liked but not much .. There was also a massive selection in most shops so that was good to see.. We even spotted a stranger things chase in menkind for £9.99 and thoght that was a awesome price
We really enjoyed doing the hunt and bringing you guys with us and plan on doing another one very soon but at forbidden planet so stay tunned for that

if you do want to see more hunts just let us know in the comments below and if you recommend any place to go hunting then let us know

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danny & jaz


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