Tuesday , March 5 2024

THE SHAPE STALKS | A Halloween Fan Film

On Halloween night, Michael Myers stalks the houses of a suburban neighborhood.

The original 1978 “Halloween” film has always been one of our favorite horror films, and a massive inspiration for us. This year, we had an itch that needed scratching, and took the opportunity to play with the tone, style, and character of Michael Myers.

This film was shot over two consecutive nights for a budget of around $500.

Heather – Maija Russel: @maija_withlove
Jenny – Katie Tuck: @_katelyntuck_
Bradley – Josh Solomon: @joshsolomon
Angela – Paige Aiello: @paigeypdancer
Director – Colin Krawchuk: @colink93
Lighting – Nick Lewis: @nick.lewis96

HALLOWEEN Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by John Carpenter.

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